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Comments from Book Sale Petition Signers

650 people signed a petition on July 13 and 14, 2002 asking the City of Palo Alto to provide ongoing space for our book sales.  Many added comments to their signatures.  Here are those comments:

bulletI'm a school teacher who puts books on the net. My classroom is stocked with books from Palo Alto sales: dictionaries, posters, history texts. Books I don't put on the net I donate.
bullet Please keep this space for the Book Sale as it provides one of the most meaningful services to the community.
bullet I plan life my life around the monthly book sale. This is the GREATEST "bookstore." I've been coming here for years.
bullet Our whole family enjoys the sale and as long-time Palo Alto residents urge you to help save what we consider a true cultural resource (and a lot of fun to boot).
bullet The Palo Alto library book sales are almost my sole source of books. Every month I find some "treasures." Don't let these sales come to an end. Thanks.
bullet The book sale serves a community need.
bullet I'm a full time buyer for Alibris.com, the largest owner of used books for sale online in the world, and Friends' organization is the best I know of. An invaluable resource!
bullet Please give FOPAL a place where they can continue to provide wonderful service to the community. Thanks.
bullet I love the books, such prices!
bullet The sale provides me with economical ways to have reference books for my college papers. 
bullet You should come to the sales and see what we are giving to the community.
bullet This is an opportunity for such assistance to the entire community - please continue.
bullet Greatest variety and basic books in all fields at reasonable prices is a major contribution to cultural development.
bullet The book sale is the highlight of my month! Please don't let it fade away. This sale and the Farmer's Market are the two best community events going!
bullet This is a good sale -- don't let them down.
bullet Save the sales.
bullet I very much look forward to the library sales to the library sales every month. I hate to think these sales might end.
bullet I love the sales and the workers and the other buyers. It speaks well for Palo Alto.
bullet The Friends of the Palo Alto book sales are much a staple of the community and neighboring counties. The books are much read in today's education.
bullet This is a good thing -- please support it.
bullet Palo Alto needs them!
bullet Keep the book sales going!
bullet The book sale is on my calendar every month.
bullet Book sales not only benefit the libraries but also offer books at reduced prices for those who cannot afford books at full price.
bullet This book sale is an institution. It must be preserved.
bullet I want to continue the book sale.
bullet This is my first visit to the book sale and I think it's fantastic. I'd hate to think that books such as these would go to waste. Don't you care about what the people love? Please help us.
bullet I like to keep the book sale going.
bullet We love the book sale. Keep it open.
bullet The Geists love good books.
bullet I think sales are great! It always is good to have a discovery!
bullet Please help Friends locate space for sales which serve such an outstanding cause - books for the whole community!
bullet Help! Help! Many people depend on reading low cost books.
bullet I enjoy coming and seeing all the wonderful selections of books.
bullet Great sale!
bullet These sales are great and should be continued.
bullet These wonderful sales bring in droves of readers - what an encouragement for real literacy!
bullet Why? Why? Why? Why take away something that adds happiness and literacy to our lives!!?
bullet Libraries and schools!
bullet Please, please.
bullet What a fantastic community institution, so unique. It would be a great loss to the community if it does not persist.
bullet Great opportunities.
bullet This is a significant contribution to the Silicon Valley area.
bullet Please keep Palo Alto book sale open. It is invaluable. Listen to the people. We vote!
bullet Please keep it open!
bullet Excellent resource for the community; frequently drive 50-100 miles to attend.
bullet Keep it going!
bullet The JCC is a really valuable place, ever since growing up I've been coming to do stuff with Friends.
bullet Find a place soon.
bullet As a recent customer I value these sales and look forward to them.
bullet They need more space than they had 5 years ago, but they could get by with less than they currently have.
bullet Great service recycling books and raising funds for our libraries! Keep it going, please!
bullet Gives so many people who read wonderful books at a price. Today's world needs bargains for book lovers.
bullet For heavens sake, don't let the book sales stop.
bullet The book sale is a terrific community service, and what better way to raise funds in Palo Alto than selling books.
bullet The book sale is an important source of community life.
bullet This has been such a pleasure event for my family.
bullet PA is a commuity of readers. These sales help me build a quality classroom library
bullet The book sale allows me to afford to send books to the grandchildren, young neighbors and friends. It really promotes reading.
bullet Wonderful community resource and a great way to recycle books.
bullet $100k/yr? Where is the library going to make up the deficit?
bullet Children love the sale and get to choose books that build their own library.
bullet The Friends of the Library book sales are a wonderful institution. Please do everything possible to save them.
bullet Save the space!
bullet The greatest idea since sliced bread.
bullet First time. The # of books was a significant attraction. Found on a book sale website.
bullet Always a good source of antique books at as reasonable price.
bullet Kiss off $500/ year motel and restaurant business if you lose your book sale and other attractions.
bullet We have been in this country 1 years and I come to the sales regularly. They help me and my kids. I want Hebrew language. 
bullet Reading book is really important for kids. The cost of book is so high so I want book sail should be continue so we can improve our English.
bullet The book sale is always like a treasure chest! As homeschoolers and parents who take education seriously we rely on sources like this. Please continue!
bullet This place has probably 8 miles of books. I haven't counted every book but it seems like putting all these books in a closet to be impossible. 
bullet What a resource the Friends of the Library organization is! Take care of it!!
bullet A great resource and space must be found.
bullet We need the room. $100k/yr is not peanuts.
bullet This is the best resource for "old" technical books. It is part of the heritage of this Valley. Please continue to have this available to ALL.
bullet I would like to see the book sales continue. It is a nice aspect of the community.
bullet Great location for everyone.
bullet This is ultimate reuse, recycling - a valuable service for community.
bullet Great location, good collection.
bullet Clearly, Friends needs space for this operation.
bullet We enjoy the "Book Sale" and travel approximately 100 miles each month to visit the sale. Please allocate space for this sale.
bullet I've got two daughters who are 1st grade teachers and they've outfitted their classrooms with libraries from your book sales.
bullet PLEASE find a home for the book sale. I look forward to it every month.
bullet My wife works at the sales. That give me some free time. Really, it's one of the few good things too worthwhile to lose.
bullet This is something every Palo Altan who cares about books wants. Listen to the voters.
bullet The continuation of the popular, volunteer-run recycling of books is a service that deserves to continue.
bullet Must find a place.
bullet Very important! Keep this service!
bullet Help this organization find a site.
bullet This is a popular community event. It would be a shame to lose it.
bullet The book sales really are one of the best parts of this wonderful community. Please don't sacrifice albeit it's for a good cause (school).
bullet Let's keep the book sale.
bullet Listen to the people that elect you.
bullet Please, it's for such a wonderful cause in so many ways. 
bullet Hopefully you realize how important these monthly book sales are before you lose them. I drive 175 miles to volunteer at the sales. They are important. Show some appreciation for your volunteers.
bullet A great sale that should be supported.
bullet It's a community resource.
bullet These book sales are one of the highlights of each month!
bullet A much needed service to the community.
bullet I come to these sales every month. More good books for adults and children. Super well organized.
bullet This sale is really beneficial to me and I am sure to others. I request your goodness to allot new site, so people like [me] continue to buy.
bullet Keep it going.
bullet These sales are super!
bullet This sale and site is an enriching part of my life in Palo Alto.
bullet Our family loves this sale. This an excellent example of recycling that our kids can participate in.
bullet This is the most amazing book sale. There is no other organization of volunteers that matches this.
bullet This book sale gets such a rich variety of literature available not only to the residents of PA but also MV and MP and Sunnyvale. Most of all it gives the residents of PA [the opportunity] to circulate what they have and share it with other members of the community. The location of this sale is very important to its turnover. Please maintain it the same.
bullet This book sale is really helpful and I request full support for the site.
bullet This is an important resource for our community.
bullet Keep this important resource for recycling this material for the public.
bullet The book sale is really one of the best things the library (or Friends) is doing. The community benefit greatly.
bullet Please find a new place for the book sale.
bullet The book sale has excellent books with good prices that allows everyone to learn and benefit a great deal.
bullet Everyone should read more to learn and to experience.
bullet We need space!
bullet Please help keep this activity going. 
bullet This has become a monthly trip for us. We buy books for every member of the family.
bullet Love this sale. Please support/help/do it.
bullet A good cause -- needs to be continued.
bullet These sales provide massive support to the libraries. Isn't there something you can do to preserve this support?
bullet It very popular and I come to all sales.
bullet These sales are a great service to the community.
bullet This is a valuable asset for the libraries and a Palo Alto institution. 
bullet Please help a good cause.
bullet Very important contribution to PA -- financially and quality of life.
bullet Help, I need to have books or I get lonely.
bullet Please, help!!
bullet A rich resource of community volunteers provides a rich resource for local children, families, book lovers -- help!
bullet Great sale and environment -- wonderful!!
bullet This sale is tremendous even compared to Burlingame, SFSU Library sales. Keep it going!
bullet Please find a new home for the book sale.
bullet Book sale is a monthly institution which is enjoyed and NEEDED by the entire area.
bullet How will such a volume of material be RECYCLED rather than TRASHED? Keep the MOMENTUM -- such a large volunteer organization would be difficult to resurrect!
bullet Wonderful contribution to the community -- keep reading alive and affordable!!
bullet A well run and much appreciated public service. 
bullet A very good community service.
bullet The book sale is a great event. I can't imagine doing without it!
bullet People are really enjoying the sale, and I believe it encourages an interest in books as a resource and reading as a pleasure.
bullet Do we really want 20,000 books per month in the landfill -- incredible! Menlo Park doesn't do it - they value books as WE DO!
bullet Desperate situation!
bullet 15,000 books sold every month! Does the City want them in the landfill? The book sale held every month is an institution and a great gathering of book lovers. Try to find space for it now.
bullet These sales benefit everyone. Please help them find a space to continue this worthy project!
bullet We must have space.
bullet The monthly book sales are a Palo Alto institution which connects people to books in an outstanding community effort. It clearly merits the City's continued support. 
bullet Palo Alto is a City of book lovers as has been demonstrated this weekend - crowds of book buyer both Saturday and Sunday!
bullet Don't do this!
bullet This volunteer group donates over $100,000 a year to the City. Aren't they as valuable as the nonprofits who receive so much staff help from the City?
bullet City should keep the book sale open.
bullet I am so pleased with the volunteer's activity.
bullet Great service
bullet Very helpful
bullet This is why I live in Palo Alto.
bullet A great loss if the sale disappears.
bullet Best book sale in the San Francisco Bay area. A real asset to the community. 
bullet This book sale is a great way to encourage people and children to read more. I love coming to the book sales.
bullet We need the space badly as the community around here enjoys this quite a lot.
bullet Excellent service - extra space would make their service better.
bullet As the book sale manager I am astounded by the dedication of our 100 volunteers. This is a public service benefiting the libraries, the individuals who work here and those who shop here!
bullet Great way to encourage reading!
bullet The monthly book sale of Friends of the PA Library is a community treasure. It benefits all our citizens as we start to understand the world we live in.
bullet A good public service.
bullet I visit here regularly. This is one of the best sales around.
bullet Very useful business.
bullet Large collection of classic books that are hard to find in the libraries.
bullet As a useful vehicle to help support the libraries - space for these used books is essential.
bullet We enjoy every sale.
bullet This a great opportunity to buy books I probably couldn't afford to without this sale.

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