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May 14 Auction Books

Over 100 books will be auctioned at the Sunday, May 14, 2006 booksale at the Cubberley Community Center in Room K5.  The auction begins at 2 pm.  Books will be available for viewing from 10:30 am to 1:30 pm.
The auction is being held alongside the Friends' large monthly booksale with over 50,000 books.  Driving directions Sign up for free auction and booksale alerts.
Bids may be placed on the books by emailing auction@friendspaloaltolib.org no later than Saturday, May 13.  Please indicate the highest sum you wish to bid on each item.  Books will be shipped at cost.


Books to be Auctioned - Final List

Suggested starting bid prices are indicated at the end of most items.

1. . …………, The Story of the Middle Ages, 5 vols. in slip case, R. W. Southern, The Making of the Middle Ages; H. St. L. B. Moss, The Birth of the Middle Ages 395-814; Goffrey Barraclough, The Crucible of the Middle Ages;  John H. Mundy, The High Middle Ages 1150-1309; J. Huizinga, The Waning of the Middle Ages; Folio Society, 1998.  Fine in slipcase.  (65-150)


2. .............., Hell for Leather; The Epwell Hunt; The Melton Hunt; Howell Wood, Derrydale Press, 1928.  No. 57 of 350 copies.   (30-80)


3. .............., The Bazar Book of Decorum, The Care of the Person, Manners, Etiquettes and Ceremonials, Harper & Brothers, 1870.  (40-80)


4. .............., The Book of Common Prayer and Administration of the Sacraments, and other Rites and Ceremonies of the Church According  to the Use of the Church of England Together with the Psalter or Psalms of David, Printed as they are to be Sung in Said Churches, John Baskerville, Cambridge, 1761.  Leather, front cover loose, gold trim, a rare item that merits repair.  (150-300)


5. .............., Celebrated Trials and Remarkable Cases of Criminal Jurisprudence, from the Earliest Records to the Year 1825, Vols. 1-6, printed for Knighte and Lacey, 1825.  Leather, some loose boards, minor browning.  (90-180)


6. . . . . . . . . . . , The Little Red Hen Story Book A Treasury of Sunshine Stories for Children, John H. Maltby, 1920.  Illustrations by Frederick Richardson.  (30-60)


7. Andersen, Hans Christian, Fairy Tales, William Heinemann, London, 1909.  Queen's Edition, Braekstad, H.L., translation from the Danish.  Worn spine, rear hinge loose otherwise a nice copy.  (50-75)


8. Arbuckle, Clyde, Clyde Arbuckle’s History of San Jose, Smith & McKay Printing, 1985.  Hd cover fine with no dj.  (75-150)


9. Auchincloss, Louis and Tubeville, Deborah, Unseen Versailles, Doubleday & Co., Garden City, 1981.  A nice copy of this hard-to-find book with dj.  (80-130)


10. Balcomb, Kenneth C., A Boy’s Albuquerque, 1898-1912, University of New Mexico Press, 1980.  Nice clean copy with dj. (40-125)   


11. Bruant, Aristide, Dans La Rue; Chansons et Monologues, Athena-Luxe, Paris, 1946, No.197 of Limited Edition.   (25-50)


12. Buelteman, Robert, The Unseen Peninsula, Oracle Publications, Carson City, NV, 1994.  A very nice copy in cloth-covered slipcase.  (50-150)


13. Campen, Richard N., Distinguished Homes of Shaker Heights An Architectural Overview, 1992.  Second printing nearly new in ditto dj.  (90-180)


14. Chapman, Robert, Pilot Fatigue -- A Deadly Cover-up, Exposition Press, 1982.  Nice condition, good dj with minor fraying at top.  (80-150) 


15. Chivers, Herbert C, Artistic Homes, 4 1/4" x 6 1/4".  Missing Title Page; Published Early 1900's. A rare volume msg. first four pages.  (50-100)


16. Cochran, Jacqueline, with Floyd Odlum as Wingman, The Stars at Noon, Atlantic Monthly Press/Little, Brown, 1954.  (35-50)


17. Cofield, Jack, William Faulkner, The Cofield Collection, Yoknapatawpha Press, Mississippi, 1978.  A nice straight copy, dj with some wear in mylar.  (30-60)


18.Germany and the Second World War, 2 vols.

Deist, Wilhelm et al, Germany and the Second World War Vol.1 The Build-up of German Aggression, Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1990. Near new with ditto dj. 

Maier, Klaus A. et al, Germany and the Second World War Vol.2 Germany’s Initial Conquests in Europe, Clarendon Press, Oxford 1991. Near new with ditto dj.  (100-200)


19. de Segur, Philip, General, Count, History of the Expedition to Russia, Undertaken By the Emporer Napoleon in the Year 1812, 2 Vols., Treuttel and Wurtz, London, 1825.  Ex-library but lightly marked, 3/4 leather.  (40-80)


20. Dunbar, Paul Laurence, Candle-Lightin' Time, Hampton Institute Camera Club, Dodd Mead, New York, 1901.  First ed., original green cloth with black, maroon, white and gold gilt illustration on cover.  Nice copy of this unusual item. (125-150)


21. Eggleston, Edward, The Hoosier School Master A Novel, Thompson & Thomas, Chicago, IL, 1892.  Hardback no dj of this long-appreciated.  Shows some wear and minor parting at title page.  (100-175)


22. Ellinwoood, Ralph E., Behind the German Lines, Knickerbocker Press, NY, 1920.  Green cover, gold lettering, no dj, an atractive copy. (50-90)


23. Erte, Erte Sculpture, E.P. Dutton, 1986.  1st ed.  Very nice copy in ditto dj.  (65-150)


24. Finot, Jean, Race Prejudice, E.P.Dutton, New York, 1906, 1st. American ed. no dj.  (18-40).


25. Foot, Stephen, Life Began Yesterday, William Heinemann, Ltd., London, 1935.  No dj, sound copy of this hard-to-find item.  (35-70) 


 26. Foster, J. J., A Dictionary of Painters of Miniatures (1525-1850), Philip Allan & Co., Quality Court, Chancery Lane, London, 1926.  No dj, blue cover, nice copy.  (20-40)


27. Fukuoka, Masanobu, The One-Straw Revolution, Bantam Books, Mass Market Paperback, Toronto, New York, 1985.  Very clean pb.  (40-70)


28. Gill, Brendan, Many Masks A Life of Frank Lloyd Wright, G. P. Putnam’s Sons,  1987.  Later edition, nice copy, signed with dj.  (35-70)


29. Gillespie, Janet, Bedlam in the Back Seat, Wicks, Alden, Crowell, New York, 1960.  1st  printing, no dj.  (35-70)


30. Gottlieb, Adam, If You Enjoy the Pleasures of Cocaine This Book May Save Your Life, Todd, Larry, And/Or Press, Berkeley, CA, 1976.  3rd printing, pb., clean.  (30-45)


31. Graham, R. B. Cunninghame, Notes on the District Menteith for Tourists and Others, Adam and Charles Black, London, 1895.  Nice copy of  author’s first book.  (75-125)


32. Gruber, Alain ed., The History of Decorative Arts – Classicsm and the Baroque in Europe, 1st ed., Abbeville Press, 1992.  Fine copy with dj in slipcase.  (75-160)


33. Haggard, Rider H., 21 vols. assorted titles, P. F. Colier & Son, 1902.  No djs, some volume show minor wear but overall a very nice, rare Haggard collection.  (150-400)


34. Hamada, R., The Four Seasons in Japan, An Album of Color Photographs.  Good condition in heavy clamshell box, 218 photographs(40-80) 


35. Hamilton, Alexander, The Works of Alexander Hamilton, 12 vols., G..P. Putnam's Sons, New York, Federal Edition, 1904.  Red bindings, no.484 of 600 signed and numbered sets, a very nice set.  An opportunity!  (150-250)


36. Harper, Charles G, The Manchester and Glascow Road, Chapman & Hall, London, 1907.  2 vols. Some wear but sound copies.  (50-80).


37. Hazlitt, W. Carew, English Proverbs and Proverbial Phrases, Reeves and Turner, London, 1882. 2nd ed., no dj as issued.  (35-60)


38. Henderson-sellers, Ann & Hansen, Ann-Maree, Climate Change Atlas Simulations from the Model Evaluation Consortium for Climate Assessment, Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1995.  Like new, no dj as issued.  (50-150)


39. Hill, Roger and Orson Welles, Everybody's Shakespeare, Three Plays, Edited for Reading and arranged for Staging, Todd Press, Woodstock, 1934.  


40. Hitler, Adolf, Mein Kampf, Zentralverlag, Munchen, 1941. German, the gift to a newly married couple by a city official of Saargemund.  (30-60)


41. Hoffman, Calvin, The Murder of the Man Who Was Shakespeare, Messner, New York, 1955.  1st printing. No dj.  (30-70)


42. Hooker, Edward Niles ed., The Critical Works of John Dennis, 2 vols., John Hopkins Press, Baltimore, 3rd printing, 1967. Very nice clean set.  (60-100)


43. Hughes, Langston, A New Song, International Workers Order, New York, 1938.  Collection of 17 Marxist-Lenin worker poems, frontispiece by Joe Jones, pb, rare, a nice copy.  (75-125)


44. Hunter, Leorge Leland, Italian Furniture and Interiors, William Helburn, Inc., New York, 1920.  Ex-library, worn, 2nd edition, 2 vols., rare.  (100-200)     


45. Indurkhya, Bipin, Metaphor and Cognition An Interactionist Approach, Kluwer Academic, 1992.  A nice copy, no dj as issued.   (250-350)


46. Irving, Washington, The Sketch Book of Geoffrey Crayon, Gent., Gordon, Ross, Heritage Press, New York, 1939.  No dj, slightly faded spine, a very clean copy  (35-80)


47. James, George Wharton, The Lake of the Sky: Lake Tahoe, George Wharton James, Pasadena, CA, 1915.  Hardback, 1st ed., dark green pictorial boards with gilt lettering and art work. (65-110)


48. James, G. P. R., Esq., A Book of The Passions, Longman, Orme, Brown, Green, and Longmans, London, 1839.  3/4 red leather, raised bands on spine.  (30-80)


49. Jenkins, Stephen, The Old Boston Road, 1st ed., G. P. Putnam’s Sons. 1913.  ¾ leather, a very nice copy.  (35-90)


50. Jordan, David Starr, The Days of a Man, 2 vols., World Book Company, 1922.  Nice set, no dj. as issued.  (50-150)


51. Kelly, Stan, Eucalypts, Thomas Nelson, Melbourne1969.  Nearly fine copy with ditto dj.  (40-90)


52. Kemble, Frances Ann, Record of Later Life, Henry Holtand Co., 1882.  Editor’s copy in blue cover with gold lettering, no dj as issued, minor wear at spine ends.  (40-80)


53. Krieger, George  E., M.D., Blood Serum Therapy and Antitoxins, E. H. Colegrove, Chicago, 1895.  (30-60)


54. Kubin, Alfred, Damonen Und Nachtgesichte, Carl Reissner Verlag, Dresden, 1926.  (20-40)


55. Lacy’s Plays --- A Rare Opportunity

A collection of Lacy’s Acting Edition of Plays, Dramas, Extravaganzas, Farces, etc., etc. published by Samuel French, London.  Volumes 1-100 with vols. 69, 70 and 72 msg.  Produced in the 19th century the set includes one act plays as well as longer plays.  Each volume contains ~15 plays thus providing remarkable overview of drama in the 1800s.  Information on each play includes author, when-where produced and other particulars.  There are some notes on staging and short “Remarks.”    


An important collection of more than 1,450 plays.  ¾ leather bound, some volumes show considerable wear and have loose covers but most are in sound condition. Index available to serious buyers.  (Starting bid $950)


56. Leroux-Dhuys, Jean Francois, Cisterciian Abbeys:History and Architecture, Koln Konemann, 1998, Fine copy in dj.  (30-60)


57. Lipman, Jean, Rufus Porter Yankee Pioneer, Clarkson N. Potter Inc., NY, 1968.  1st ed., dj with minor fraying at top of spine, a nice copy.  (60-90)


58. Lutz, Ralph Haswell ed., Causes of the German Collapse in 1918, Stanford University Press, 1934.  No dj, a nice copy of this comparatively rare item.  (75-125)


59. MacCrae, Melissa and Bradford, Maureen, No Place for Little Boys, Civil War Letters of a Union Soldier, Goddess Publications, Brewer, Maine, 1977.  Wrappers, 1st ed., signed, a very nice clean copy.  (40-70)  


60. McQuarrie, Ralph, Star Wars; Return of the Jedi, folio, Ballantine Books, New York, 1983.  1st ed., some rubbing to cover but clean inside, an intersting item.  (30-60)


61. Melville, Herman, Typee; A Romance of the South Seas, illustrated by Covarrubias, Miguel, Limited Editions Club, New York, 1935.  One of 1500 copies, signed by Covarrubias, in worn slipcase.  (40-80) 


62. Michaud, Joseph Francois, History of the Crusades, A. C. Armstrong & Son, New York.  A new edition in 3 volumes, translated by W. Robson.  Brown covers with gilt, minor wear to spine ends but overall a nice clean set of this rare item.  (150-250)


63. Millard, Bailey, History of the San Francisco Bay Region, American Historical Society, Chicago, 1924. Vol. 2 of 3 vol. set, blue pebble cover, very clean tight.  (35-75)


65. Nash, Ogden, Adventures of Isabel, Lorraine, Walter, Little, Brown and Co., Boston, 1963.   1st ed., no dj, corner bumped but overall a clean, solid copy.  (50-100)


66. O’Laughlin, Michael C., The Book of Irish Families Great and Small, Vol 1, 2nd ed., Irish Genealogical Foundation, 1997.  Near new copy with dj.  (75-175)


67. O'Donnell, Elliott, The Boys' Book of Sea Mysteries, Dodd, Mead, New York, 1930.



68. Paderewski, Ignace Jan, The Century Library of Music, The Century Co., New York, 1901.  20 vol. set, with djs some staining minor tears, some loose illustrations but overall a nice set.   (200- 400) 


69. Peary, Robert E., The North Pole, Frederick A. Stokes, 1910.  No dj. (90-95)


70. Pichier, Paul;  Krause, Walter, Ed., The Pianist's Touch; Method and Theory of Paul Piichier, Perelen Publishers, Albion, CA, 1972.  Soft cover, includes 3 plates, clean.  (95-150)


71. Price, Mary and Vincent, A Treasury of Great Recipes, Ampersand Press, 1965.  Nearly fine with owner’s inscription, padded tan leatherette with bookmark ribbons.  Very nice copy of an unusual item.   (50-100)


72. Proulx, Annie, Close Range Wyoming Stories, Scribner, 1999.  Watercolors by William Matthews.  Nice clean coy with G++ dj. (65-100)


73. Psihoyos, Louie, Hunting Dinosaurs, Random House, NY.  Fine copy with dj. (20-40) 


74. Rodin, Alvin E, & Key, Jack D., Medical Casebook of Doctor Arthur Conan Doyle, from Practioner to Sherlock Holmes and Beyond, Robert E. Krieger, Florida, 1984, Sgnd. by Key, dj with small tear,, very nice clean copy.  (40-75)


75. Roether, Susan, Reflections on Color, Blackstone Press, 1982.  Pb in red slipcase, copy 40 of 170, signed, meditations on six different colors.  Unusual.  (40-80)


76. Rossi, Guido and Lefevre, Franco, Rome from the Air, Rizzoli, New York, 1989. 1st ed., near fine in ditto dj.  (25-75)


77. Schreiber, Melvyn H., Introduction to Diagnostic Radiology, Charles C. Thomas, 1980.  Inscribed and signed by author, dj, Good ++.  (25-50)


78. Seuss, Dr., Horton Hears a Who! Random House, 1954.  An early Seuss with chipped dj in plastic cover marked 295/295, clean.   (25-75)


79. Shakespeare, William, Everybody’s Shakespeare: Three Plays Edited for Reading and Arranged for Staging by Roger Hill and Orson Wells, 3 vols., The Todd Press, Woodstock, IL, 1934.  “Twelfth Night,” Merchant of Venice” and “Julius Caesar” in soft covers.  G++.  (40-80)


80. Shoten, Kadokawa, A Pictorial Encyclopedia of the Oriental Arts, Japan, 4 vols. Crown, 1969.  Plastic covers in slipcase, a very nice set.  (100-200)


81. Stegner, Wallace, Angle of Repose, Shawnee Press, Delaware Gap, Pa., 1976.  An opera based on Stegner’s novel adapted by Oakley Hall and Imbrie Andrew, soft cover, 1st ed. , opera, nice copy. (35-75)


82. Steinbeck, John with Joel W. Hedgpeth ed., The Outer Shores, 2 vols., Part 1: Ed Ricketts and John Steinbeck Explore the Pacific Coas, Part 2: Breaking Through, Mad River Press, Eureka, CA, 1978.  Original wraps, no dj, very nice copies of these rare items.  (175-250)


83. Stevens, John H., Personal Recollections of Minnesota and its People, and Early History of Minneapolis, Minneapolis, 1890.  (20-50)


84. Stoddard, Charles Warren, A Bit of Old China, H. S. Crocker Co., 1925.  Bound with orange silk cord. (65-75)


85. Swinburne, Algernon Charles, The Springtide of Life: Poems of Childhood, ill. Arthur Rackham, Doubleday Page, Garden City, 1926.  Spine darkened with small tear. (65-90)


86. Terbush, Dale, Dreams at the Edge of Paradise, Masterslight Fine Art, Dec. 2000.  1st ed., near new in ditto dj. (60-100)


87. Townend, Peter, Burke’s Genealogical and Heraldic History of the Landed Gentry, Burke’s Peerage Limited, London, 1965. 18th ed., 2 vols., ex-library,  some wear to spine  but entirely serviceable set.  (60-120)


88. Van Dresser, Jasmine Golden, The Little Brown Hen Hears the Song of the Nightingale, Paul Elder, San Francisco, 1908.  Worn, loose boards but still collectible.  (20-40)


89. Veblen, Thorstein, The Theory of the Leisure Class, Macmillan Co. London, 1902.  An early (1st) edition. Green covers, no dj, a nice copy of this classic work. (40-80)


90. Waters, Frank, Masked Gods, Navaho and Pueblo Ceremonialism, University of New Mexico Press, 1950.  Sgnd. limited ed., no. 12 of 300, hard cover linen finish, no dj.   (40-80)


91. Weber, Carl, Fore-Edge Painting, Harvey House, Inc., Irvington-on-Hudson, 1966. !st ed., ex-library but still a good little-used copy.  (75-125) 


92. Wentworth, Edward Norris, America’s Sheep Trails, History, Personalities, Iowa State College, 1948.  Nice copy, no dj.  (150-225)


93. Wildair, Rational Horse-Shoeing, Wynkoop and Hallenbeck, New York, 1873.  Inscription dated March 31st, 1876.  Green cover, 49 pages, an attractive clean copy of this small collectible volume. (40-60)


94. Willis, Bailey, A Yanqui in Patagonia, Stanford University Press, 1947.  Signed with inscription, laid-in papers, dj.  (75-150)


Railroadiana (Nos. 95-103)


95. Duke, Donald and Kistler, Stan, Santa Fe...Steel Rails through California, Golden  West Books, San Marino, CA, 1963.  Clean copy with good dj.  (20-40)


96. Dunscomb, Guy L., A Century of Southern Pacific Steam Locomotices, 1862-1962, Guy L. Dunscomb, Modesto, Ca., 1963.  Sgnd. April 12, 1966 with dj, nice copy.  (65-150)


97. Holmes, Norman W., Prune Country Railroading Steel Trails to San Jose, Shade Tree Books, Huntington Beach, 1985.  Signed by author on title page, dj with small ¾” tear.  A nice copy of this hard to find item.  (110-175)


98…………, The Overland Route to the Road of a Thousand Wonders, The Route of the Union Pacific and the Southern Pacific from Omaha to San Francisco A Journey of Eighteen Hundred Miles where once the Bison and the Indian Reigned, Issued by the Union Pacific and Southern Pacific Passenger Departments, 1908.  Colorful cover in heavy card paper, 72 pages, a nice copy of this rare bit of railroadiana.  (75-150)


99…………..Three railroad booklets: Railroad Facts No. 6 A Yearbook of Railroad Information, 1925; Southern Pacific Company Pioneers of Western Progress,1929; Locomotive Advertising in America 1850-1900, 1960.  (50-100)


100…………...Eight railroad booklets: Rules of the Operating Department, Louisville & Nashville Railroad Co., 1909; The Locomotive Booster Instruction Book No. 102, 1927; Southern Pacific Company Texas and Louisiana Lines Circular 7, 1961; Transcontinental Rails by Thomas Hinckley, 1969; List of Officers, Agencies, Stations, etc., Northwestern Pacific, Circular 4, 1961, C.P.R.R. The Central Pacific Railroad by Charles Nordhoff  1882 reprint 1976; The Slim Princess The Story of the Southern Pacific Narrow Gauge by John B. Hungerford, 1956; Railway Passenger Travel 1825-1880 from Scribner’s 1888 reprint 1962.  (80-125)


101……………Three railroad booklets: Automatic Train Control A rolling Signal System, New York Central Lines, c1922; Current Railway Problems by Samuel Dunn, 1911; 1826-1827 One Hundred and One Years of Railroading, The New York Central Rairoad by Charles Frederick Carter, c1927.  (60-120)


102……………Six railroad booklets: Along the right-of-way, New York Central System, 1964; Great Railroad Paintings, 1976; Seventy-five Years of Progress, Historical Sketch of the Southern Pacific By Erle Heath,1945; Pacific Electric Railway by Donald Duke, 1958; The Lure of the Parks, Catalog for an Exhibit of the Montana Historical Society, 1996; Historic Southern Pacific Cars, undated.  (100-150)


MacGregor, Bruce A, South Pacific Coast, Howell-North Books, Berkeley, CA, 1968. No dj, an illustrated history of the narrow gauge South Pacific Coast Railroad, a nice copy.  (25-50)


104. Kalte, Pamela M. et al editors, American Men and Women of Science – A Biographical Directory of Today’s Leaders in Physical, Biological, and Related Sciences, 22nd ed., Thomson Gale, 2005.  8 vols., complete including index, appears unused.  (65-125).

Technical Books


105. Bandemer, Hans, Mathematics of Uncertainty, Springer.  New in shrink wrap.  (35-70)


106. Chen, Hsinchun, Intelligence and SecurityInformatics for International Security – Information Sharing and Data Mining, Springer.  New.  (40-80)


107. Glockner, Ingo, Fuzzy Quantifiers- A Computational Theory, Springer. In shrink wrap. (40-80)


108. Jin, Yaochu ed., Multi-Objective Machine Learning, Springer.  In shrink wrap. (50-90)


109. Ligeza, A., Logical Foundations for Rule-Based Systems, Springer.  In shrink wrap. (40-80)


110. Lozano, Jose A. et al, Towards an New Evolutionary Computation – Advances on Estimation of Distribution Alogarithms, Springer.  In shrink wrap. (40-80)


111. Nedjah, Nadia et al, Genetic Systems Programming- Theory and Experiences, Springer.  In shrink wrap. (40-80)


112. Lin, Tsau Young et al, Foundations and Novel Approaches in Data Mining, Springer.  In shrink wrap. (45-85)


113. Pinson, Lewis J. & Richard Wiener, Objective-C: Oriented Programming Techniques, Addison-Wesley, Paper Back, Menlo Park, CA, 1991.  (40-70)


114. Trappl Robert ed., Programming for Peace – Computer-Aided Methods for International Conflict Resolution and Prevention, Springer.  New, signed, no dj as issued.  (50-100)


115. Stolfi, Jorge, Oriented Projective Geometry, Academic Press, Boston, 1991. Nearly new, inscribed, no dj as issued.  (100-200)


116. Forman, Harrison, Through Forbidden Tibet, Longmans, Green and Co., NY, 1935.  Signed, no dj,, a nice copy showing only moderate wear.  (30-100) 


117. Lehmann, Liza, In a Persian Garden, A Song–Cycle for Four Solo Voices With Pianoforte Accompaniment - The words selected from the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam, J. B. Cramer, London, 1896.  Beautifully bound in red leather with gilt ornamentation and lettering in slipcase. Binding parting on title page.  (75-150)


118. Powys John Cowper, The Religion of a Sceptic, Dodd, Mead, 1925.  No dj, a nice clean copy of this interesting item.  (30-60)


119. Shakespeare, William, The Works of William Shakespeare, Cambridge-Pickering Edition, Croscup and Sterling, New York, 1904.  21 vols. Complete, printed for subscribers only, Holland Paper Edition, no. 77 of 150, a very nice little used set.  (100-200)


120. Shakespeare, William, The Plays and Poems of William Shakespeare, Accurately Printed from the Text of the Corrected Copies, Left By the Late Samuel Johnson, George Stevens, Isaac Reed, and Edmund Malone, Ernest Fleischer, Leipsic, 1833. 2 vols., minor wear to covers but a nice set of this rare item.  (150-200)


121. Harjula, Ari and Hockerstedt, Krister, Atlas of Clinical Transplantation, Recalmed, 1955.  A near new copy in ditto dj. Signed by 5 co-authors including Drs. N. E. (Norman) Shumway and Roy Calne.  (40-80)

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